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Program changes

ANMAC undertakes assessment of changes to approved programs of study to ensure they continue to meet relevant accreditation standards. For more information please refer to our Accreditation policy and procedure or email 

Steps for education providers

Following these steps will help you meet your reporting obligations. 

Step 1. Review ANMAC’s Outcome of Assessment letter

This letter identifies your requirements for reporting program changes to ANMAC. Please note: 

  • Some education providers will need to prospectively (i.e. ahead of time) notify ANMAC of all proposed program changes due to risk linked to a program’s assessment outcome.  
  • All education providers will need to prospectively notify ANMAC of the following specified program changes prior to implementation so that they can be assessed and accepted by ANMAC ahead of time – a timeframe of up to six months may be required: 
  • All education providers will need to complete an annual program monitoring report to retrospectively notify ANMAC of other program change(s). 

Step 2. Notify ANMAC in writing of the proposed program change(s)

Step 3. Submit for assessment required evidence and your fee payment, if needed 

Step 4. Respond to any email request(s) for further evidence by the specified date(s) 

Step 5. We will email you the ANMAC assessment decision and relevant information about accreditation conditions, monitoring and notification of program changes.  

Review date: 
Thursday, 17 February 2022

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