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Program accreditation

The ANMAC accreditation assessment timeframe is usually 9-12 months and commences in Step 3 Assessment Phase and concludes in Step 4 – as seen below. The NMBA review process is not included in the ANMAC timeframe. ANMAC Assessment timeframes may be longer when a program has not been previously offered by an education provider. For more information please refer to our Accreditation policy and procedure or email  

Steps for education providers

Following these steps may help prevent delays in your accreditation application.  

Step 1. Notify ANMAC of your intention to submit

Step 2. Submit your Pre-assessment Phase documentation

Assessment of your application content is not undertaken in this phase. 

  • Read instructions in your application pack and submit files four weeks prior to Step 3 
  • Our administrative team will email formatting advice and an assessment fee invoice. 

Step 3. Submit your Assessment Phase documentation to start the 9-12 month assessment timeframe 

Assessment of your application content commences in this phase, once ANMAC receives your: 

  • Assessment fee payment 
  • Completed application pack, templates and all other supporting documentation.  

Step 4. Read and respond promptly to ANMAC correspondence

Assessment team assembly

You can liaise directly with the Associate Director that is assigned to your assessment team. 

  • Respond promptly to emails asking you to confirm assessment team membership and the site visit date. 

Assessment team’s collated review

The Assessment team meet and collate findings from their independent preliminary reviews. 

  • You will be emailed the team’s Collated Review Report and a draft Site Visit Agenda  
  • Respond to pre-site visit evidence requests by at least 3 working days prior to site visit. 

Assessment team’s site visit

  • Prepare for your site visit(s) by following instructions in your site visit agenda 
  • You will be emailed the team’s outcomes from site visit(s) in a Site Visit Report 
  • Respond to post site visit evidence requests by the date(s) specified in your email(s). 

The ANMAC review

The Assessment team will send you an Outcome of Accreditation Assessment Report based on their accreditation assessment. 

  • Once you confirm receipt of the report, your program is added to the relevant accreditation committee’s meeting agenda – see our Committee Meeting Schedule (190 KB)
  • The committee, after conducting a review, will make recommendations to the CEO.
  • We will email you the ANMAC accreditation decision and relevant information about accreditation conditions, monitoring and notification of program changes. 
  • ANMAC reports the accreditation decision to the NMBA for review and approval. 

Step 5 Monitor the NMBA Approved Program of Study list

The NMBA review is not included in the ANMAC timeframe

The NMBA have a scheduled meeting for the review of the ANMAC accreditation report. 

  • Once a program is approved it is added to the NMBA Approved Program of Study list.  
  • ANMAC will also email you the NMBA meeting outcomes in an Outcome of Accreditation Assessment letter 
Review date: 
Thursday, 17 February 2022

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