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Fee Schedule 2020-2021

ANMAC charges education providers for assessing and accrediting programs of study. The cost of assessment is determined by the: 

  • type of assessment—program accreditation, program change or program monitoring  
  • length of program—over 12 months, between 6 and 12 months, under 6 months 
  • complexity of program—such as, a program offered from more than two sites, dual degrees, combined degrees, program variations. 

Initial accreditation of programs 2020–21

Program description


Program is a dual nursing and midwifery degree


Program length over 12 months


Program length between 6 and 12 months


Program length under 6 months


Program sites—charge per site, if more than 2 sites are to be assessed


Please note: Fees attract a Goods and Services Tax (GST) and may be adjusted each financial year. 

Program accreditation payment

Education providers will be invoiced for program accreditation assessment in the pre-assessment phase of the accreditation process. ANMAC has a 30 day term of payment and payment must be received for program assessment to commence. 

For questions about payment, please contact or 02 6274 9167. 

Program change fee

Education providers will be advised at the time of application of any cost associated with the assessment of changes to an approved program. 

Program monitoring fee

ANMAC may invoice education providers recovery costs for a site visit when an outcome of an ANMAC review deems this to be a necessary part of program monitoring. A review is instigated in response to concerns that an approved program may no longer meet relevant accreditation standards, for example, due to receipt of a complaint that relates to a breach in accreditation standards. 

Additional fees

ANMAC will adjust fees where the assessment process varies from those shown in the fee schedule above, for example, where: 

  • there are more than two sites from which the program is offered 
  • multiple programs are submitted by the same education provider with related material 
  • there are grounds for undertaking a site visit for monitoring purposes. 


An education provider may be eligible for a refund if they withdraw a program after the assessment process has started. Any refund is determined by how much work has been completed. An education provider is not eligible for a refund after ANMAC has conducted a site visit. All refunds are at the discretion of the ANMAC Chief Executive Officer. 

Review date: 
Thursday, 16 December 2021

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